Shannon Buist founded Dry Baby Bums in 2014 after donating to a local woman's shelter and learning about the need for diapers. That night she went home and did some research and quickly discovered that the need is across the nation. She then knew she must do something and that's how Dry Baby Bums began. 

Who we are

We collected 2200 diapers, 2300 wipes and a whole bunch of bum creams. We split it all up and delivered it to the YWCA women's  domestic violence shelter and the Road Home in Salt Lake City

What we do

Dry Baby Bums hosted it's first Valentine's school diaper drive from february 1st-14th. Soaring Wings international montessori, Park City day school, Park City child care center and Mom to Mom group all participated,


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Dry Baby Bums collects diapers, wipes and bum creams for local Shelters and Food Banks. We do diaper drives at schools, fundraisers at bowling alleys, we join forces with local churches, companies, gyms, restaurants and anyone who wants to help make a difference in babies lives.